Frequent Asked Questions

impact2earn is a revolutionary platform that turns your recycling efforts into valuable NFT rewards. By recycling items like electronics, bank cards, vapes, laptops, battery, and etc., you earn digital tokens that can be exchanged for various goods, services, discounts and cash out on our and partners marketplace.

Simply use our Telegram chatbot to photograph your recyclable items. Our AI will guide you to nearby recycling points. Once you’ve successfully recycled, you’ll receive NFTs as a digital certificate of your positive action.

Your NFTs are your key to a world of rewards! Exchange them for exciting goods, services, gaming experiences, and even pay for everyday essentials like utility bills and phone charges. Cash out? Yes!

Absolutely! Our mission is to Make Waste not Wasted. By participating, you’re not only earning rewards but also contributing to a greener planet.

Yes! Our platform is designed for global users. You can earn and spend your NFT rewards from anywhere in the world.

No special equipment needed. All you need is a smartphone with our chatbot installed and your recyclable items ready.

Our AI-powered chatbot will help identify recyclable items. Just take a photo, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Yes, you can! Sharing NFTs is a great way to spread the word about recycling and its rewards. Just make sure they’re also registered on impact2earn.

Our platform is free to join and use. There might be minimal transaction fees for NFT exchanges, but we strive to keep costs low.

We support sustainability by encouraging and rewarding recycling, reducing waste, and partnering with eco-friendly businesses. Every action on our platform contributes to a healthier planet.

If you don’t see any recycling points nearby in our service, you can help us grow! Find a local recycling point, take a photo, and send it to us through the chatbot. You’ll then receive a lifetime reward for every NFT minted through that recycling point.

Your security is our top priority. We use advanced encryption and security measures to protect your data and transactions on the impact2earn platform.

Yes, you can! Our platform provides a personal dashboard where you can track your recycling activities, NFT earnings, and the environmental impact you’ve made.

We focus on a wide range of recyclable materials. However, certain items may not be accepted due to local recycling capabilities. Our chatbot will guide you on what items you can recycle through our service.

Businesses can join us as partners in promoting sustainable practices. Contact us through our website, and let’s discuss how we can collaborate for a greener future.