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BANTgo impact2earn is a proprietary AI, Blockchain, and Web3 technology platform that guides businesses and communities to nearby existing pickup sites of local, independent haulers and recycling facilities to streamline the collection of e-waste. We then reward recyclers with tokenized digital certifications in the form of NFTs that can be exchanged for real-world value, such as the goods and services of our partners.

At impact2earn, we believe in making recycling not just a duty, but a rewarding experience. Our innovative platform bridges the gap between sustainability and everyday convenience, turning your eco-friendly actions into tangible rewards.

Imagine a Circular Economy.

At BANTgo impact2earn, we're driven by a desire for positive change. We're fully dedicated to transforming the waste and consumer recycling industry to be more environmentally responsible.

When we established BANTgo impact2earn, we introduced an efficient, eco-conscious service to revolutionize waste management. Today, we stand out by assisting companies and communities in integrating sustainability into their daily practices, adding transparency to their waste operations, and rewarding them for their sustainable actions. Our work is in waste management, but we don't rely on landfills for success. We're working towards a waste-free world. That's our vision.

Let's continue to redefine how we perceive waste. We have the freedom to assess our waste impact, offer tangible solutions, engage in meaningful dialogues, and actively contribute to waste reduction and reuse. Together, we're pioneering a superior approach to waste and recycling.

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