About DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority)

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the exclusive provider of electricity and water services in Dubai. DEWA was formed in 1992 following the merger of Dubai Electricity Company and the Dubai Water Department which had been operating independently since 1959. DEWA’s 11,000 employees manage the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and water across the emirate


DEWA serves a large customer base across the emirate. DEWA provides 891,265 customers with electricity and 793,473 customers with water until August 2019.

Core Objectives
As part of the Government of Dubai, DEWA’s core objectives are:
To establish, manage, operate, and maintain electricity generation and water desalination plants and power and water
transmission and distribution networks in Dubai.
• To develop and maintain water resources and supply drinking water.
• To support the vision of Dubai Government to promote sustainable development by driving energy and water use efficiency and investing in alternative energy sources.

DEWA has an installed capacity of 11,400 megawatts (MW) of electricity and 470 Million Imperial Gallons (MIGD) of desalinated water per day,
Headquarters & Customer Service Centres
DEWA’s headquarters are located in Zabeel East, between Wafi Mall and the Grand Hyatt hotel and opposite Dubai Police Officers’ Club on Sheikh Rashid Road. DEWA has 16 customer service centres across Dubai.

Payment Services
DEWA offers more different payment methods for its customers including electronic payment (ePay) through its website, mPay through mobile phones, customer service centres, Etisalat public payment machines, EPPCO and ENOC petrol stations, ATMs of several banks, phone banking, as well as smart applications on iPhone, iPad, Android, , Windows 8 application, and Samsung SmartTV.